Safe Sleep Mississippi

Our vision is for every baby in Mississippi to celebrate his or her first birthday.

In Mississippi, there are over 60 Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths (SUID) each year. Many preventable cases of SUID are related to unsafe sleep practices, such as bed sharing and putting babies on their stomach to sleep. Parents, guardians, family members, caregivers, and child care provides can all help create safe spaces for babies by flowing the ABCs of safe sleep.



The mission of Safe Sleep Mississippi is to eliminate infant deaths in Mississippi from SIDS and sleep related accidents like suffocation. We are working so every family knows how to keep their baby safe while sleeping and has a safe place for their baby to sleep.

Facts About Safe Sleep

SIDS risk is higher for infants who sleep on a soft surface or with their heads covered than for infants who sleep on a firm surface or without their heads covered.

Infants born to mother who smoked during pregnancy are three times more likely to die of SIDS than those born to mother who did not smoke during pregnancy. Exposure to passive smoke (sometimes called second-hand smoke) in the household also doubles a baby’s risk of SIDS.

Infants who were usually placed to sleep on their back were then placed to sleep on their stomach or side, their risk of SIDS was seven to eight times greater than that of infant always placed to sleep on their stomach or side.

ABC’s of Safe Sleep

Alone | Babies should not sleep with adults, other children, or pets. No pillows, blankets, soft toys, or crib bumpers should be in the sleep area.

Back | Place baby on his or her back to sleep at nap time and at night to prevent choking.

Crib | Babies should sleep in either a crib, bassinet, or pack-n-play. Babies should not sleep in an adult bed, couch, or chair.

Smoke-free | Do not smoke or allow others to smoke around the baby.